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[2017-04] Artichoke Cheese (hold the garlic)

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Modern Jess

[2017-04] Artichoke Cheese (hold the garlic)

My previous attempt at an artichoke loaf had too much garlic (in fact, I should just call it a very successful garlic bread) and not nearly enough artichoke hearts. The cheese (a mix of shredded parmesan, romano, and asiago) worked really well.

For this attempt, I roasted the artichoke hearts (maybe a bit too much) with Italian seasoning and olive oil. I also used a lot more of it, and omitted the garlic altogether. Because the cheese in the last one was just right, I used more of it in this version. :)

  • 500g KA Bread Flour
  • 350g water (72°)
  • 150g ripe starter
  • 12.5g kosher salt
  • 50g shredded cheese (parmesan, romano, asiago)
  • 1 can artichoke hearts, roasted in olive oil with Italian seasoning

As before, I proofed this in parchment overnight for ~9 hours. Baked in parchment in a dutch oven for 25 minutes covered @ 450° and 15 minutes uncovered @ 450°.


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Great looking boule. 

Did you prefer the taste of the loaf without the garlic? 

What a great challenge you've given yourself. 

Happy baking


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Modern Jess

This particular boule gets its shape from the size of the dutch oven -- it's a 3.5qt, which is a bit tight for this size loaf. It ends up with straight sides (with ruffles from the parchment) and sometimes the top presses against the underside of the lid. Still, I do kind of like the shape, even though it deviates from the traditional boule shape.

As for taste, I guess it depends -- this one succeeded at being artichoke bread, while the last one succeeded at being garlic bread. So it depends on what your expectations are when you take the first bite. :)

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I'm guessing an approx. 14 oz can of artichokes packed in water?  This recipe goes on the ASAP list, since I live about 10 miles from the artichoke capitol (Castroville CA).  Looks yummy!  I can imagine the taste as I had a big globe with garlic-lemon butter for dinner last night, fresh from a produce stand next to acres of them.