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[2017-03] Country Loaf (again, because it's so good)

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Modern Jess

[2017-03] Country Loaf (again, because it's so good)

For my third loaf of my personal 50 loaf 2017 challenge, I'm repeating the Tartine-esque country loaf already. It's a great loaf, and I've gotten reasonably good at it (well, my version, anyway) so I'll be baking it fairly often.

This one actually improves a bit on the last one by getting better rise during the long proof (why, I have no idea) and turning out a bigger, airier loaf than the last one. It also sounded more hollow (when tapping on the bottom) than any loaf I've ever baked before. The one difference during the bake (which wouldn't account for the rise while proofing) is that I forgot to turn the oven down from 500° to 450 until 27 minutes into the bake. At that point, it only took three more minutes before I panicked and pulled it out. It temped at 210° internally, so I guess that worked out okay.

Recipe is as follows:

  • 450g KA Bread Flour
  • 50g KA Whole Wheat Flour
  • 350g water (71°)
  • 150g ripe starter
  • 13g salt (I overshot a bit)

Proofed for ~10 hours. Cooked at 500° covered for 20 minutes, followed by 500° uncovered for 7 minutes, followed by 450° uncovered for 3 minutes, followed by abject panic.


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Looks delicious! Nice work!

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Modern Jess


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I'm on a "simple loaf" challenge for myself. By simple I mean, sticking to flour, water, salt and yeast, no extras. Just playing with proportions of flour, hydration, fermentation time etc. So I especially like the look of this loaf, i'll be sure to try the recipe!

Is your starter 100% hydration? 

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Modern Jess

I generally mix my starter at about 70% hydration.

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Can't wait for your next bakes!

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dough dog

beautiful crumb... love that explosive oven spring! yum