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Homemade Bread Day 2016 - 100% Kamut white flour SD

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Homemade Bread Day 2016 - 100% Kamut white flour SD

After a long time I used 100% kamut white flour for making this bread. 76% hydration,3 hour bulk ferment, divide,preshape, bench rest for 10 minutes, shape, immediate retard, baked after 16 hours.

Crumb is very soft and not too much opened, crust is just great and brings a big contrast to relatively wet crumb. I have baked this bread today for my grandchildren.

Happy baking, Joze


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I remember you saying that you wanted to try 100% kamut. I'm glad you finally tried it and got such a beautiful result.

It really looks great. The crumb looks so soft.

Happy baking :)


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You have a very good memory indeed! My goal is 100% wholegrain kamut bread, this one is made from white kamut flour which is like white bread flour. However, the behavior of the dough is quite different as the kamut's gluten is different.

Happy baking, Joze

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to 100% whole grain Kamut will be a fun trip!  No wonder the grand kids loved this one.  Just right for them.  Really love that bold crust!

World Bread Day was exactly 1 month ago but Homemade Bread Day is today and this is perfect example for it.  I titled my post wrong too so no worries - I change it just a minute ago:-)  I missed World Bread Day this year too  I think it is around October 17 every year and you submit to that host site.  I have entered it several times in the past and it is fun to see the breads from around the world

Well done and happy baking Joze

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Yeah, my grand children have eaten the other loaf which was smaller so quick that I could not even make a picture of the crumb. They really like my bread and now they were "starving" for a week eating only a commercial bread.

Next time I will make 100% kamut from whole grain flour freshly milled in my own mill. But there is still some white flour on stock at home and I would like to use it. So from time to time I make a loaf or two of this type of bread. This time the result was really great, probably the best one since I am playing with kamut flour.

I will change my title as well to Homemade Bread Day as well.

Happy baking DAB!


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Lazy Loafer

Do you mill and sift your own Kamut flour? I'm getting a sack of Kamut grains next week and will be stone milling flour, but I hadn't thought of sifting it to make white. And I've never seen it for sale in the usual places I shop. I do love the aroma and flavour of Kamut flour though. And your loaf looks divine!

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This flour was not milled at home, I just bought it. This type of flour I can buy in specialized store for organic food. It is produced in Italy (my neighbor country).

When I am baking with whole grain kamut flour I mill it at home and don't sift it. I think that I really can't make this white type of kamut flour at home because it is made like the wheat white flour is made. Therefore what I could do would be only a high extraction kamut flour sifting out the bran.

I have attached the pictures of one type of kamut white flour from Italy I can buy here in Slovenia. Their website is: or this one in English:

Happy baking Lazy Loafer!


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and such lucky grandchildren :). well done and happy baking


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for your kind words. My grandchildren and their parents are all vegetarians so they all need healthy food. They are my biggest "consumers" - usually a loaf of bread per day so I am practically baking every day for them and occasionally  I make a loaf of bread also for home consumption (for my wife and me). And there are also our neighbors and friends and my customers who all like my bread so this keeps me from time to time quite busy and happy because I really like baking bread. I took baking as a kind of a personal challenge in order to make as good bread as possible and in this process there is no end, we can always improve our skills and knowledge. 

Looking back for last 14 months when again I started baking with SD I must just smile how the beginnings were quite primitive and it took me more than a month to finally get a loaf with well pronounced ears and so on .... My biggest beginners mistake was that I used American recipes (like those from Tartine Bread books) and followed the recipes blindly what led me to very liquid dough. The  high protein flour I am using is more or less like American AP flour so after realizing that fact I started baking with reduced hydration from 5% to 10%, sometimes even more and that was the time when things substantially changed and the results became consistent.

The second quest I am still trying to achieve is to make less sour sourdough and most of the time I am almost there now, sometimes it is just a little bit more sour, but I am making much less sour bread than is Tartine country loaf or Josey Baker's country loaf which I had opportunity to taste in September this year.

Why I wrote this - simply because without my grandchildren which drive me to bake almost every day I could not achieve this stage of skills in a relatively short time. But I am still a beginner and there is an ocean of areas where I have to learn and improve.

Happy baking Leslie!


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but I will surely eat this lovely bread! Your grandchildren will treasure your baking when they grow up.

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This will be the year I try 100% Kamut/100% hydration!

The registered trademark on this bag shows me that the flour is made of Kamut grown in the northern Great Plains and exported to Italy. A huge percentage of Kamut grown here is exported to Italy. The "white" Kamut is high extraction.

Thanks for the inspiration!


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wow.  that loaf is exactly what im looking for.  i'm a beginner baker.  mind giving me some more explicit directions to make this?  i've made regular kamut bread and one, somewhat hard, kamut sourdough.   any help is greatly appreciated.