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Zitas Bakery

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Zitas Bakery

just a bit of an article that might interest members in the Phnom Penh Post




Phnom Penh Post - The prodigal baker returns, and he’s brought along some fresh ideas

 In his original Siem Reap venture, the Canadian baker was an experimenter. Photo suppliedThe prodigal baker returns, and he’s brought along some fresh ideasFri, 21 October 2016 

Canadian Zita Long opened Zita’s Bakery in Siem Reap in 2014, and his perfectionism meant that he spent little time outside of the kitchen during the past two years. Long became a bit of a local celebrity, and business boomed: crowds lined up for his crumpets, Berliners, apple crumbles and trademark sourdough bread.

But a little over two months ago, he left. Zita’s Bakery closed its doors.

“The last few days [before I left], I remember feeling very confused, and upset in a way,” Long says. “I was feeling hopeful, but also with a little uncertainty.” Long knew he would return to Siem Reap, but he wanted a break, and a little time to explore new trends and techniques. He took off for Perth, Australia, to reignite his passion for the trade.

Long is a young, self-taught baker. He developed his skills while living in Cambodia – where there were limited opportunities to formally learn the trade – and worked on a trial-and-error basis.

Perth was a city of self-reflection, Long says; it is quiet and, more importantly, close to Fremantle. There, Long had the opportunity to study under a retired bread-baking instructor as well as a traditional Italian baker, Nick Agostina. They spoke about technique – as well as their beliefs and values – and Long observed his process.

Zita Long might open a bagel shop next, he says. Photo supplied


“I got to touch dough again for the first time,” Long says with a laugh. “I didn’t think I would miss it, but I did.”

The baker then travelled to Melbourne, which has its own renowned traditional baking scene as well as a batch of new bakeries with cutting-edge approaches. “The croissants and cruffins were tremendous,” Long says, noting that the queues were constant.

“I came back from Australia with an open mind,” Long says. He’s now scouting around for his next opportunity or collaboration: perhaps a bagel cafe. But nothing is set in stone, he adds. He’s not even sure if his sourdough is relevant anymore – or if it’s him or the town that have moved in a different direction.

One thing is for certain: if you’re in Siem Reap, you likely won’t go hungry for too long before his next plans unfold.

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Just a quick update and article featuring Zita (Bakingbadly) that might be of interest


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Whilst on the subject of TFL friends (Mebake) look who is a lucky happy boy

     Khalid MahmassaniYesterday at 20:51 · Instagram ·  

My new 30 ltr toy! #oem #spiral #mixer

No automatic alt text available.Khalid MahmassaniYesterday at 20:51 · Instagram · 

My new 30 ltr toy! #oem #spiral #mixer

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I'm happy when I hear about TFLers who pursued their dreams and are making success which hopefully, I will be like them someday.

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I'm glad you liked it I couldn't help but share as we haven't heard from these guys on TFL in a little while  Unfortunately the pictures in the post on Zita didn't come out with the text but you get the drift.


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Great News our good friend Khalid will be posting soon to let the good TFL folk know how his bread journey is going, im sure those that have been following "Mebake" over many years will be  pleased to hear from him.

We will also be gIad to hear from Zita "Bakingbadly" on his actual recent journey  and his current thoughts on his Baking venture or adventure.

Come on Guys TFL folk would like you to share!!!

Kind regards Derek  

regards Derek