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Hamburger bun bubble

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Hamburger bun bubble

I everybody, this is my first post on the forum! I have been hanging around the fresh loaf for quite some time. Now there is an issue thats driving me crazy so i thought ... i better REGISTER =)


I have a problem with a big bubble rising in my hamburger buns. Sometimes the bubbles even rise whilst the buns are in the prover causing a bubble of "skin". Currently im solving this by bursting those bubbles but they leave an ugly mark on top of the lid. Sometimes they are deeper down so they dont "bubble up" in the prover but when you cut the bread you can clearly see a quite big airhole in the middle of the bread. So, what can i do to get rid of it? 


My recipe is the following:

flower (normal) 750g

yeast 38g

butter 60g

sugar 45g

egg 1.5 pcs

salt 15g

milk 345g


hope somebody can save my buns!





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poolish so 38 g or 5% seems like an awful lot to me, especially if it is instant,  but folks that make yeast bread may disagree.

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Yes thats true, 5 percent IS alot. I lower that and make another try! Thanks 

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ok lowering the yeast didnt help, 

i also tried to prove them in room temprature, that didnt help either, 

i tried to mix the sugar and water so it binds first before i pore the water into the blender, that didnt help


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My typical "go-to" quantity for yeast is 7g per 500g of flour (that's instant dried yeast, 14g fresh), so for 750g flour, I'd be looking to put in 10-11g of IDY or 21g fresh.

What about shaping? When making buns/rolls/etc. like this I'm scaling to about 85-90g  - I'd scale the whole lot of dough, then flatten each lump (really knock all the gas out), then round 2 at a time on the bench with cupped hands...



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Thanks Gordon, 


I solve it by increasing liquid and mixing longer time so now its more sticky and soft. NO bubbles now!