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hamelman breads

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hamelman breads

Today I baked the baguettes with Pâte Fermenté and the Roasted Potato Bread from Hamelman's Bread book.

many breads I baked today

The potato loaves are the round ones with the fendu style crease.

I love how Hamelman gives advice on how one should shape hundreds of fendu style loaves, but very little advice for the home baker. Typical of him: great recipes, but he rarely bothers helping out the novices.

I'll try to post more photos and a recipe soon.


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I wouldn't imagine techniques for the home baker and for the professional baker would have to be different. He gives instructions for scoring the fendu style, he suggests bakers use a thin rolling pin. If you get yourself one of these, and follow instructions in the book you should be fine.

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I'm sure that I saw a video of a baker using his forearm to crease a loaf--fendu style. Can't find it now, of course. Has anyone seen it? If so, where?

Susan from San Diego

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Paddyscake pun intended..those also, are very pretty. I read the oldest posts I was referring to the Miche in comparison. Can't wait to see the recipe for the Roasted Potato bread