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Cheese Snail Success!

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Cheese Snail Success!

Cheese SnailsCheese Snails

cheese snails 2cheese snails 2

Cheese Snails 3Cheese Snails 3

These are the marvelous cream cheese snails that have been made and posted many times here. I thought they looked delicious and decided to give them a try. I really like cream cheese so decided not to make the ones with raisins/cinnamon and did the entire batch this way. At first I thought they were too small but they did rise enough that they were just the perfect size for me.

I mentioned before that I am still fairly new to bread making but I think making the same exact recipe (my mother-in-law's dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls, yes, it's the same basic dough) over and over for the last year has helped a lot. I will always be greatful to her for teaching me. I wish she lived closer as we would have a great time in the kitchen together. All of our family is in Oklahoma and we are in Alaska though, so we don't get to see them very often.

The other thing I am greatful for is patience. And I have been reminded that bread making takes lots of that as well. It's great meditative work for me (as is snow shoveling but I don't enjoy a clear driveway near as much as I do the end results from baking). But I need to keep shoveling to work off the REAR end results from baking, LOL.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I will be making a batch of cinnamon rolls for the church potluck on Sunday and will be sure to post a photo. If I get really ambitious I might try to make chocolate sticky buns as well.




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Sorry the photos are so small. I uploaded them to the gallery as well and they are bigger there.


Amy in Alaska

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After uploading, when you insert the image you can select "Thumbnail" or... "Full Image" (or something like that. You must have had thumbnail selected. I fixed it so the full images are showing now.

Those are beautiful.

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with a cup of coffee right about now. Wonderful looking! I can practically smell them through the monitor.


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staff of life

Those are beautiful and perfect.  Are you sure you haven't been doing this all your life?


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Gorgeous rolls!

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I'm with you all the way on the cream cheese. Those look lucious.

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Those are beautiful photos!  Is that Floyd's recipe?  I'm recording the recipe.  Those are simply beautiful pastries.

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Hi all, thank you  so much. It's not my recipe. It's posted here on this forum though, if you do a search I am sure it will come up. 

 edited to add here it is, It's the first thing that comes up when your search cheese snails. : )

Amy in Alaska