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Food Buzz

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Food Buzz

As you may have noticed, in the past couple of days I've replaced a few of the ads on this site with ads for Food Buzz.

The folks at Food Buzz approached me a month or so ago to talk about sponsoring the site. After chatting with them I agreed because it seemed like a mutually beneficial relationship. Food Buzz will include The Fresh Loaf as one of their Featured Publishers, thus increasing the exposure of this site. Presumably that'll increase traffic here and expose more people to the great content we're creating here.

For us it establishes a relationship with a vibrant, growing food portal. Their site is structured more like a social networking site and includes a lot of features I'll be unlikely to add here, thinks like geographically tagged restaurant reviews and photos. It seems like a good place for some of us who have other food-related passions than just bread to go find other like-minded folks to share our enthusiasm with.

This relationship should also improve the finances of TFL. I'm afraid I'm not able to quit my day job to devote myself full-time to The Fresh Loaf or anything like that yet, but I should be able to do things like migrate the site to a faster server or pay for a backup service in the next few months without going into the red. I have a few other projects I've been meaning to work on here too, and this increases my incentive to get on it as soon as I can. So it seems like a good thing all around.


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I just spent some time tromping around the Food Buzz and I think it's great. I've already bookmarked some new recipes. This is going to be a great resource and I'm glad it will help the finances!

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I'd be more than willing to pay a reasonable yearly fee to support it. You could also set up something for us to donate? I really appreciate this site and the content is great. Hope this doesn't cause a huge debate....



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I agree with Trish above - I would be more than willing to pay a subscription fee if it would help you with the site. This place is easily worth more to me than the fee I send to King Arthur annually for their "Baking Sheet" newsletter. You could do the usual thing of fewer ads or some subscriber-only forums so that the bulk of the site would remain free.