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A hit and a miss.

Floydm's picture

A hit and a miss.

The Gingerbread I baked last night I did not bake long enough, so the ends were done (and quite tasty) but I threw away the majority of it. So sad.

However, the miche I baked Monday night came out fantastic.


Pretty, pretty loaf.


okieinalaska's picture

Wow, very nice! Beatiful job. : )


Amy in Alaska

Paddyscake's picture

Nice slashing..indeed a pretty loaf..on a par with your Pain de Provence!

browndog's picture

I concur. Beautiful slashing.

Nobody in the house likes gingerbread but me, and I love it, yet rarely make it, because:

a. I'd have to eat the whole pan by myself, and 

b. there's the disappointed faces after they ask "OH, did you make brownies?!"


CBudelier's picture

I personally find nothing wrong with eating an entire pan of gingerbread by yourself! As for the sad faces wanting brownies, teach them to bake their own. ;-)

Besides, after a pan of gingerbread, you just don't care!