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Maggie Glezer's book

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Maggie Glezer's book

After reading so much about Artisan Baking Across America I decided I had to take a look and ordered it through my wonderful local library. To my amazement I recognized it - I must have borrowed it from another library way back when, before I made "real" bread. I particularly remembered the pandoro, and thinking that the baker must be out of his mind. Has anyone here attempted to make it? So now at least I know what you are talking about when you mention Thom Leonard's country French bread, Tom Cat's semolina filone and Essential's Columbia, and I think I know how to convert my starter to a firm one if I so desire. A very interesting book but way too big to read with a cat on my lap and a pug on the arm of my chair! A.


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I think the new version is softback and maybe a little smaller? I got mine (the original giant hardback) at a garage sale years ago (great find) but besides reading the baker's stories and about wheat, I didn't use it very much until folks started talking about it here. It's nice to be able to rediscover a book!


And no, I haven't made the pandoro, though I did attempt the Sweet Perrin, with hazelnuts, figs and pears. :)