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Golden Quinoa Struan

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Golden Quinoa Struan

I just pulled my Quinoa Struan out of the oven a little while ago, and I'm rather pleased with the results.












I used reinhart's multigrain struan formula and used 6ozs of cooked quinoa in the overnight soaker. I also used Heartland Mill Golden Buffalo flour, which I'm playing aroudn with. I've used "Gold 'n' White" flour before (a high-extraction flour, meaning the coarse bran sifted out of whole wheat flour), and I was pleased with it, so I ordered 25 lbs of this to see how it performed. So far so good i think. Since it called for a substantial amount of yeast to be added for the final proof, I think it rose rather quickly, and was probably ready before I made it back home. I had to reform it and considered letting it proof a second time, but I thought it might become a mess if the yeasts were given too much free reign.

I haven't tasted this loaf yet (it wasn't done cooling), but it smells great. It looks like it would be great for sandwiches or toast. I was intrigued when it called for milk in the soaker, and I wonder how that will impact the bread.


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I would be too. The crumb looks so creamy and the bread rose so high. Let us know how it tasted. It looks delicious.     weavershouse

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Mini Oven

It must be cooled by now...

Mini O

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It was really good. There was just a hint of sweetness from the honey i put in there, and the rest was just a creamy, light wheatyness with just a touch of quinoa taste (which is kinda bland/subtle in its own right, but it stood out from the wheat). The crust was nice and crunchy, and stayed that way for quite a while, i was immpressed. It didn't last 24 hours in my house. And it was really good with regular / peanut butter, as well as plain.

I would definitely recommend this one and using quinoa in bread in general. If you cook it before hand, it mixes in wonderfully with the dough and adds a really interesting textured appearance to the crust from all the little 'tails' on each grain. This is all aside from the fact that its really good for you and is a complete protein, which is part of the reason i used it since there are a lot of vegetarians in my house. I want to try adding amaranth grains to a loaf, since it is a complete protein as well and would probably blend in since its so small...