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A good flour primer?

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A good flour primer?

Greetings -

Can folks recommend a good primer/FAQ on flour, as well as some recommended sources?
(I live in Brookline, MA, a Boston suburb.)

I've been using King Arthur for my white bread and Arrowhead Mills for my whole wheat, but if there's better for a comparable price to be had, I'd welcome knowing about it. I'm certainly willing to buy 20 lbs. or so to keep the cost down.


- Richard


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Richard, if you are looking for technical info on characteristics of various classifications of flours and how they are milled, try this site.

I think King Arthur is fine, but Gold Medal Harvest King is very good for artisan loaves and I believe it is available nationwide. It is also sold under the labeling "Better for Bread."



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Wiley has a book, _How Baking Works_, with two extensive chapters on flour milling and grading. ISBN 978-0-471-26856-7. It is available from Amazon but Wiley is removing the information from its own web page so I suspect it will soon go out of print.