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(Mostly) Whole Wheat

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(Mostly) Whole Wheat

This was today's attempt at a Forkish-ish Whole Wheat. It's approximately 60% WW, 40% Unbleached AP. I used my sourdough starter and 1/5 tsp Fleishman's dry yeast. I baked it in a cast iron dutch oven.


The measurements are a bit vague because I discovered I was nearly out of APF, so I had to improvise a bit. :-)


It's still cooling, so I haven't sliced it yet (no crumb shot).


Cooled now.


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Spectacular looking bread!  I'd love to see you make this again without the commercial yeast and see if you can get as nice a crumb.

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Great crust, great crumb! Must have been tasty too.

I'm sure you could get the same beautiful crumb without the instant yeast, if you're interested in trying it. The dough would just need a bit more time to do its thing :)

Well done!

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I like pure sourdough, but sometimes I'm in a hurry to get the bread done (poor scheduling on my part). I'll try another loaf this weekend with no commercial yeast and see what happens.