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Loaves of bread keep sticking to tray

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Loaves of bread keep sticking to tray

Hi, this is my first post and I'm using it to ask for help with a specific issue.

My loaves of bread are sticking to the oven tray.


I use a fairly basic oven, that reaches around 200°C (400°F) but no matter how much I flour the tray, the loaves stick and even get torn when I take them out of the oven. I've tried different doughs with different hydration, with no results. 

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Do you preheat the tray? That and a bit of semolina on the tray before you put the bread on there should work.

For sticking issues the most important part is the the surface you put the bread on i quite hot and of course that you bake it long enough.

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Putting the bread onto a piece of baking parchment should do the trick.

Otherwise, a nice light coat of an oil that can tolerate high heat (sunflower, for example) will also reduce sticking.

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Do you spray water on your loaf when putting into the oven? Or do you have a lot of steam? Maybe the flour turns into glue? This sometimes happens to me.

Try rye or rice flour, or bran. Or whatever was mentioned above.

I usually put some wholemeal rye flour on my loaf's base and spread it evenly before putting it on the tray. Then after the baking I simply brush the flour off so that I don't get everything in flour.

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1. A flat baking sheet / flat-with-very-low-rims baking sheet?


2. A loaf pan, sides 2 inches / 50mm or higher?

If 1, the advice previously given should solve your problem.

If 2, grease the entire inner surface of the pan with a solid fat such as lard, shortening, butter, margarine, etc.  Oils are less helpful since they tend to slide down the surface of the pan walls.  You can also dust the greased surface with flour, bran, or flaked grains to improve the release from the pan. 


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I'd second the recommendation to grease and flour. I do that as a matter of course if I'm baking on a metal surface, whether it's a tin or baking sheet - I use stork margarine and ordinary flour and don't have any issues. However, if I'm working with very wet / sloppy mixtures - whether cake or bread - I use breadcrumbs instead of flour.

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As described at this page.


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Thanks to all.

I warmed up the tin for a longer time and dusted it with rice flour. It worked perfectly.