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Chakki atta

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Chakki atta

so I took UBER home from the grocery store and my son unloaded the truck. He accidentally bright in a bag that did not belong to us. It was a BIG bag of something called Chakki Atta. I waited days for the driver to come back but he never did. The bag was huge must of cost over 100 bcks. Anyway it said whole wheat So I assumed this was flour. I decided that I should make use of it. I decided to make pancakes but it tasted awful. So I was hoping I could get some recipes for this unusual flour. I have 3 kids and would love to make some creative dishes or bread or whatever and put this Chakki Atta to use!! 

Any ideas?

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You might find this thread helpful:

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It is, essentially, whole wheat flour but if it was stored in a hot car, it may have gone rancid. WW has all the oils in it nd oil tastes really bad when it goes rancid.