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Peter Reinhart: Tips for Baking with Sprouted Flour (video)

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Peter Reinhart: Tips for Baking with Sprouted Flour (video)

I just ran across this video recorded at the Whole Grains Breaking Barriers conference in November 2014. It's a lecture by Peter Reinhart talking about baking with sprouted flour.

Tips for Baking with Sprouted Flour – Peter Reinhart

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grains, this is why PR is my personal hero - he's the best.  I weigh the un-spruted grains and then weigh them after drying to make see they are within 2 g of the original weight.  I don't want to be over drying the sprouted grains because I feel this can hurt the nutritional qualities that we spent much time and effort to achieve through sprouting.  So, I find that my sprouted grain flour is about as thirsty as non sprouted whole grain flour

Perter also says that sprouted flour doesn't have to to be autolysed like whole grain flours but I I have found that a 1 hour autolyse is beneficial for whole grain sprouted flour breads.

You will notice that the sprouted breads he shows with such high hydration are spreaders rather than risers.  I have found that sprouted grain breads are less lofty than whole grain ones too but if you get the hydration back to 80% rather than 90% or 100% much of the loft can comes back.  VWG helps any whole grain bread be more open, lofty and airy buy it certainly isn't required for  shouted grain breads to be acceptable.

It bothers me to this day that we still don't know if the pre-baked nutritional benefits of sprouting come though after the baking process or if sprouting helps with wheat intolerance issues or if so how much.  The bread tastes so much better I would't stop sprouting but a 'both and' solution is way better than an a 1 trick -  it tastes better pony.

I still have un-dried sprouted grain bread on the to do list too even though I do make Ezekiel bread which is the same thing using sprouted grain and sprouted beans.

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Thanks for posting this. PR never fails to inspire! I have been wanting to try this for quite awhile, and I have actually purchased several different "OneDegree" sprouted flours. What I am wondering, is if the store bought will perform in a similar manner as the home sprouted, or is home sprouted much more hydrated? In other words, are they interchangeable in recipes?