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Fig and pecan SD with apple yeast water...thank you Alfonso !

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Fig and pecan SD with apple yeast water...thank you Alfonso !

What a great bread. I am a big fan of fruit and nut breads. I made a couple changes and am pleased with the result. I doubled the formula so have two huge boules. I added 2 scant tsp. diastatic malt powder to the mix. I used 250 g diced Turkish figs and local pecans. I subbed in 200 g of my very active AYW for part of the liquid. I have a white starter at present that was converted the day before from rye so used that. This is a great dough to work with. I got massive oven spring. Baked in preheated 500 degree cast iron pots 15 min with lids on and 25 min at 460 with lids off.Internal temp 209. Love the bold crust.  Will post pic of crumb later when it cools. Posted the crumb...wonderfully tender ! 

















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I tried a spin on Alfansos recipe today as well! It's awesome right?!

Well, yours looks great! 

Happy baking!

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Yours is a great take off also. Yes it is a wonderful bread. The AYW gives it a very tender and flavorful crumb. Glad you enjoyed the formula also. Will await Alfonso's comments :)  c

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The boules look boule-t-ful!  Thanks for trying this bread.  Yes, it is a keeper.


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Of the various dried fruit/nut combinations I have tried I think I missed this one. 

Of course, I would use local Calmyrna figs. I don't believe pecans are grown around here, but I sure like them in SD bread with dried sour cherries which, come to think of it, aren't local either.


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I have some dried sour cherries too but need to use up some of the figs and dates that I got from !!  Come to think of it I have a lot of different raisins that I got from them also. With just two of us, as you know, it is hard to eat all that is baked. I am afraid my friends will start running the other way when they see me coming LOL !  AL grows outstanding pecans as does GA...but I think ours are better since they are oilier. That is the key to the flavor. 

On another note have followed with interest your wood fired bake. Great save with the dark crust not detracting one whit from the taste. Good Luck with the next bake.

We are off on the first of two very lengthy cycling trips so no more homemade anything for a few months. c

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We love fruit and nut breads made this way.  The best of al worlds!  Where are you biking off to next?   Well done and

Happy baking 

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AYW is just the best invention :) We are taking our truck up to Lexington VA to give it to our son. Then we are going to cycle home...down part of the Blue RIdge camping almost all nights. It is 22,000 feet of climb and 650 or so miles. Will plan on 13 days but if we see something we like on the way we will stop off longer. 

In August we start in Bellingham WA and ride back to NOLA. Have family at both ends and will leave our car in NOLA as an incentive to get the ride done !!  Will take a couple months...3333 miles. That will be all for the year :)  

You take care ...I'll be back in the late Fall. c

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Yours is just as lovely! Though I never had figs, I think it is delicious because I like pecans!

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We live in pecan land so I get 10# every Fall and that barely lasts me till the next harvest ! Thank you !  c

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Will be using it often and have variations waiting in my idea box :) Great bread. c

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Great looking bake Caroline!  I too love pecans more than any other nut and your combination must taste awesome.

Hopefully you can get in a few more bakes before your cycling tour.  Look forward to seeing some more pecan bakes!

I was going to use some pecan meal in a bread I'm mixing up right now, but I noticed the expiration date was 2 years ago!  Guess it's time for some fresh nuts :).


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I store all my flour and nuts and grains in the freezer. Nut meals have so much surface area that the oils are probably rancid but you can give it a taste. If it was in the fridge or freezer it might still be good. Hope so.

I will get in some bakes in June and early July then we are off to a meditation retreat in West VA . Then directly off on our second ride . I will sure post if I get fired up... The oven that is-- . Take care and thank you for posting . c