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Just a quick one

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Just a quick one

I have a recipe for a tart that requires you to chop up a chocolate bar and allow it to melt on a blind baked crustand then pour on the filling and bake it again.  When this item is cooled it is wonderful tasting but I have one problem with it when all that chocolate cools the whole thing turns in to something of a chocolare bar.  I was thinking a way to remedy this might be to use a ganache I think this would be very rich and tasty but I have one question.  Will this cause any kind of problem with the ganache to be baked in the tart.  I was worried that it might seperate or something or would it just stay together and act like a normal ganache after it is baked.

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The food channel website would be a good place to find your answer. 

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Mini Oven

Does your recipe call for a 50g bar or the typical Austrian bar of 400g?  

Mini O

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I use a type of ganache in the centre of raspberry or orange muffins (for the cafe). The recipe calls for 350g dark chocolate and 1/2 cup (125ml) cream. It holds together well after cooking. Just make sure that you heat the chocolate and cream in the microwave carefully until all the chocolate is soft, then stir well until they combine. M

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I case anyone wodered it worked swimmingly!!!

 Just like I suspected using the ganache made the tart smooth instead of like a candybar and the baking did nothing to the ganache.  The only thing I might do differently is let the ganache set up a little more before pouring the filling on because a litlle of it moved and bubbled up over the edge while it wasbaking and kind of burned.  


I case anyone would like it I found it online this is not where I originally found it (actually it was in fine cooking mag.) but this is the same recipe.

 and for the chocolate under the filling I just used a basic simple ganache I found in Cook's Illustrated baking book I think it is like

 2T butter

3/4 cup heavy cream

6 oz semisweet

chop chocolate in food processor 

nuke the butter and cream till it bubbles

add the mix to the chocolate and whirr till it is smooth

one note of caution make sure your food processor lid is sealed before you do this because there is only so much chocolate you can lick up from you kitchen wall.