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Sweet Potato Sourdough with Pumpkin Seeds

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Sweet Potato Sourdough with Pumpkin Seeds

This sweet potato sourdough with pumpkin seeds was my bread for World Bread Day. Something new for me, using sweet potato in the dough. It made the dough very orange and I was afraid the baked bread would look garish, but it was nicely golden. A good October bread.

Sweet potato sourdough with pumpkin seeds Sweet potato sourdough with pumpkin seeds


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a beautiful bread--as all the ones you bake.

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I bought and baked a 10 lb. sweetmeat squash over the weekend, and had to freeze about 7 cups. It's a lot like the Blue Hubbard squashes that I loved back in New England. This is a great idea for how to use up some of what's still in my freezer. Thanks!

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that looks awesome!! Beautiful, color, crust and crumb. I'm curious as to the sweet potato flavor, subtle? I baked a whole wheat pumpkin that was "In the News",originally a bread machine recipe. I'm going to have to fool with it abit, needs some tweaking. The pumpkin flavor was not especially had more of the whole wheat sweetness.

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What a pretty bread!  What does it taste like?  Does sweet potato have a comparable effect to white potato in bread?

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I would imagine the sweet potato gives it a nice texture, body and flavor not to mention keeping qualities as when I make my grandmother's bread.  I love what potatoes do to bread dough. 

I'm thinking some apple butter would be great on that.  Oh, I bet it is fantastic toasted.  The color is amazing, Susan.  The crumb is incredible.  All around it looks like a super bread and perfect for this season. 

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Thank you all for the nice compliments.

JMonkey, I do think baked squash would work well here too. My experience is that squash is a little wetter than sweet potato so you may need to cut back on the water in the dough a little bit.

The sweet potato aroma was quite strong as it was baking, but when it came to the eating there was a more subtle hint of it -- more on the aftertaste. The dough was quite lovely to work with, but I don't think the sweet potato made the crumb quite as soft as a white potato would have (I have admitted here before that I had never baked a dough with white potato, and I still haven't). The bread did have an excellent shelf life -- we're still eating the second loaf, 5 days later.

I realized after I made this and wrote it up that I actually *have* made a bread with both sweet potato and pumpkin seeds -- it was Nancy Silverton's Pumpkin Bread I made last year for Thanksgiving. I think I put it out of my mind because to be honest I did not care for it -- the recipe called for cumin, which had a strong flavor and just did not do it for me -- and I had forgotten that there was sweet potato (not pumpkin, except for the seeds) in that dough. This one, though, I will make again. It would be a good Thanksgiving bread I think.