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Flatbread crackers

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Flatbread crackers

My wife asked me to make a cracker we could use with our charcuterie. I was thinking of making a no yeast cracker but then I am not sure how to get good flavor into the final product without a cold fermentation; since there will be no starter I am looking for some help here. I like the flavor of sourdough and fermented bread. Is there a way to over ferment to exhaust the yeast and then flatten the dough to a cracker shape and bake without an oven rise?

is this possible? Thanks.

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Why not use ripe starter in your mix and not let it ferment just mix, roll it out, cut and bake. That way you get the flavor of the starter without the leavening effect.

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baking is the way I like them  You are baking them to be harder and 'Crack' anyway.  There a lots of SD cracker recipes if you use the search box

Happy crackering

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I've made these before and they are great. Could poss sub some levain into the original mix?


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These have nice flavour and crisp well.

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I've made these a number of times -- adding and subtracting spices and herbs and experimenting with flavors -- and they've always been successful.