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World Bread/Food Day

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World Bread/Food Day

World Bread Day '07

World Bread Day is Tuesday, October 16th, a day when the bread baking guilds ask you to appreciate the role of bread and bakers in society.

For amateur bakers, Zorra is again organizing a big blog roundup. If you bake something for World Bread Day, by all means, post about it in your blog here and let Zorra know.

October 16th has also been declared by the United Nations as World Food Day, a day to raise awareness about the role that famine and inadequate food security continue to play around the globe. As I have mentioned before, I now I work for a humanitarian agency, so I must admit that this year I am more moved by the latter cause than the former. Though I don't see them as being mutually exclusive: the former is about appreciating the simple things, the health and prosperity in your own life, the latter about trying to make that available to others (speaking of which: if you want to appreciate how well off you are compared to to others, take 15 minutes to read this piece about daily life in the Democratic Republic of Congo that we recently posted on our site. Quite powerful.). Both are worthy causes.

Tuesday will also be my birthday. I'm not sure I'm going to get any baking in then, so I am doing some over the weekend to make up for it. It is a beautiful fall day... I'm thinking an apple sourdough loaf might be in order tomorrow.


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Very moving and humbling article. Wishing you very happy birthday..please be sure to tell us about the apple sourdough!

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Thanks! Will do.

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Floyd, happy birthday! I hope you enjoy a lovely day.

Thank you for reminding everyone about today being Word Food Day in addition to World Bread Day. Mercy Corps does such great work in the fight against hunger and other human suffering.


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Wishing you a very happy birthday, Floyd.  I think we should use every opportunity possible to be grateful for all the wonderful things we have.  It is so hard to hear of others in need but makes us realize how important it is to make the most of our lives and enjoy every moment.