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Happy New Year everyone!

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Happy New Year everyone!

I baked some cookies for Christmas, from recipes I discovered on the net and thought I would share. The big ones on the bottom are lemon ricotta cookies with a lemon glaze. Easy and yummy!

The smaller cookies on top are almond shortbread. These cookies carry a WARNING. I cannot stop eating them!  I baked a half batch of each for Christmas and still have some lemon cookies. In the mean time I am up to 5 batches of the shortbread and will soon begin a sixth!  Great recipe, but please heed the warning.

Happy baking and Happy New Year! Ski


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You are soooo right about almond shortbread. Best to keep them on a high shelf on the far side of the room, so at least you're forced to reach for them. I used KAF's recipe - fewer ingredients, but oh, my, are they good.

And, no doubt, the lemon cookies are great, too. Happy 2016!



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once Lucy and I finish off the 11 dozen Christmas cookies my girls made.

Happy New Year Ski

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I've never had almond shortbread, but if short bread is already delicious and is difficult to stop eating; then what more if there are almonds in them! I must try this someday.

Happy New Year!