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Computer controlled Oven...

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Computer controlled Oven...

Possibly not of much interest to most here, but as well as a bakery hat, I have a geek hat too and recently got a Raspberry Pi to control one of my ovens...

More here if you're interested:


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Nice. At the very least you can customize the oven to your heart's content and be able to repair it whenever something goes South. A self test routine is a nifty thing to add to the to-do list.

Our oven decided to become inoperable in the form of the door locked closed just as Christmas Dinner was scheduled to be served. A bit of panic ensued but said door was finally persuaded to open without breaking anything. Then the dishwasher decided to go on the fritz after dinner. Yep, timing is everything. Needless to say I am strongly attracted to controlling one's destiny in appliances now...,


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My cousin started to bake about a dozen loaves of pumpkin bread for the holidays. She put the loaves into her electric oven, turned it on and thought she was all set. She came back an hour later to find that there had been a brief power interruption. Unfortunately her oven, which I assume has some kind of electronic brain, requires the user to intervene in order to get the oven to turn back on after a power failure. When the power went off the oven stayed off and it ruined her bake.

Sometimes the low-tech solution is best.

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I hope that it works and gives you the information you want.