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Things we like on bread ~ Fedra's Birthday Party

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Things we like on bread ~ Fedra's Birthday Party

November 11, 2010 was the day Fedra was born and she's five years old today. Coincidentally, we had some nice stuff in the fridge as well so to celebrate her day I cooked some dishes for us, her and her other four legged friends. I had no more flour to bake with so this week is a test of my cooking skills.

The birthday girl!

Mom brought home some good bread from a nice bakery, homemade is still better but this bread is still good compared to what we can find here. All dishes I cooked are best with rice but they're great with bread too! We had them with rice for main meals and bread for in-between snacks!

Oriental Fried Chicken

Katnga (Dried Taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and chilies)

Fried Fishcakes

Spicy Fishcakes

Fishcake Soup

*Maybe we can have a kitchen apprentice (just like Dabrownman with Lucy) screening now for some fun. :P

Fedra is my yellow lab. She is the most hyper of all our canine companions. I can say she has the same personality (super fun loving but knows when to take matters seriously) as me that's why we became each other's partner in this household. She may become a good kitchen apprentice for me, don't you think? I have yet to train her not to eat when no one's looking. :P

This is Pochi, my dad's dog. I know he will not be a good apprentice for me because he obeys a strict chain of command with dad as the supreme commander. He will never do what I say when dad is around instead he will go behind dad as if asking for protection or confirmation.

From those photos about a year ago, Fedra has given birth and is now living with her son Bimbo; he is most likely to choose dad as his master. Her delivery has put her life in jeopardy and we almost lost her because the third pup was lodged in her birth canal for almost 18 hours, I can't imagine her pain! We brought her to the vet as soon as the clinic opened, they tried an assisted normal delivery to no avail so they had no choice but to perform a C-section or she'll die from infection. After 6 hours of waiting, 6 more alive and healthy pups were born and Bimbo was one of them. After two more days in the vet, Fedra and her pups were ready to go home. We took good care of them and they all grew big, strong and healthy!

We're really happy to see them playing together!

Sadly, I have no chicken livers for her now, it is her absolute favorite but in the coming days for sure she can have some since it's only once a year! We really had fun this week! I hope it's the same for all of you too!


Thank you very much!


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The thing about baking apprentices is that they start as 3rd class and move up to first class. It took Lucy 10 years to make it to 2nd class about 2 years ago.  The reason it took so long for her to move up one notch is that she looks like she is paying attention and doing what you say but she really thinks I am a total doofus, not that she is wrong about that.   Shewill do what ever she wants when I'm not looking and all food is fair game no matter where it is:-)   It is the nature of the beast.  Still, they are warm on a cold winter's night and lovable most always.


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She also says hello to Lucy... All of my stress goes away when I see her happily jumping and throws herself at me when I come home. It's really nice to have a four legged friend!