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Recipes wanted- hamburger buns and bran muffins, whole wheat

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Recipes wanted- hamburger buns and bran muffins, whole wheat

I've been milling my own flour I should state right off the batt.  I've also been using sourdough for most of my bread (actually, all of my bread, including English muffins and corn bread) since my starter got going...

Now I'm looking for two specific recipes:  hamburger buns and bran muffins.

I'm wondering:  I've been sifting some of my wheat flour ground at the finest grind on my mill, but I think there is a mixture of bran and endosperm coming out when I sift- the particles are bigger and not as "light" as when I used to buy commercial bran many years ago.  So I'm wondering, does anyone have a good bran muffin recipe for home milled/sifted bran?  I don't want to end up with little hard chunks of bran in the muffin...

And hamburger buns.  Ideas here too.  I'd like to make sourdough, but my sourdough loaves have a much denser (for lack of a better word) crust than when I use commercial yeast.  I'm okay with adding some unbleached white flour to get a good hamburger bun, but would like to stay mostly whole wheat.

I also got a Pullman pan about a year ago that I've never used, but feeling braver to tackle a whole wheat loaf in that one too...