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I've been gifted a breadmaker! - Help!!

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I've been gifted a breadmaker! - Help!!

Hi - new to the site :-)

I've been gifted a used Sunbeam Breadmaker (model 5837-33) by someone who knows nothing about it.

I was thrilled to receive it and expected to be able to find manuals, etc., on the internet. Unfortunately that is not the case and I don't know where to start with using it.

There are no options for loaf size so I assume it only makes on size, but which one? The bread pan looks a good size.

Does anyone have this machine or suggestions for figuring it out? I don't want to waste a lot of ingredients getting it wrong.

Thanks for any help you can give


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Mini Oven

the dimensions of the pan and /or filling it with water  (how much can it hold?) and letting us know.


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Yeah, I don't see a manual online either. Can you take a picture of the breadmaker, the control panel and the pan? Maybe we can figure out how to use it from that.

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Is it this one? From what I can tell, it has the same capacity as several other models. It is 2 lbs, but you can do 1.5 or 2 lb loaves and I think 1 lb loaves too. If this isn't it, then you could probably use the 5833 manual or contact sunbeam. Either way, if you look for a replacement pan, it is the 2 lb pan that is pretty commonly used.

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Thanks for the suggestions - greatly appreciated :-)

Dimensions are: 5" top to bottom, 5 1/2 " short side, 7" long side

The shape of the pan is what I would call more conventional than the BMs that have tall pans.

The pan holds a generous 2 1/2 quarts (a fair bit went on the floor so I am guesstimating!)

I have no camera and don't know how to take a pic with the web cam...not very techie. The controls are on the front of the machine just forward of the lid. They are split into 3 sections across the front. The section to the left is  the "Select" section and has the options Basic, French, Sweet, ExpressBake 58 min, Ex[ressBake 80 mins, WholeWheat, Dough/Pasta, Bake

The center section is Crust Color with choices of L-Light, P-Medium, H-Dark

The right section has a Start/Stop button and a Timer Set with both up and down arrows.

Maverick, I'm afraid I can't get your link to open - sorry.


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I have found a manual #5891 which might help me. It features a machine with more "features" than the one I have but other than that I think it might be a good starting point.

thanks for all the help -


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Ingrid G

Here is the link to the manual:

Hope this helps,


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I would suggest starting with a bread recipe written for bread machines. You could try this one on King Arthur Flour website:

My favorite bread machine recipe book is Bread Machine Magic.

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Thanks Kathy for the recipe and thanks everyone for all the help. I am going to start playing with the machine today.

Probably just use it to make a naan dough for baking in the oven (using leftover turkey for a curry) and then maybe try Kathy's recipe from King Arthur for the first loaf.

Again, thanks for all the input :-)