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whole grain bread does not rise

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whole grain bread does not rise

Hello everyone,
I've been recently experimenting with homemade whole grain bread. It's quite tasty but it does not rise very well and also does not bake well (I'm using a Kenwood machine,

I'm using one of the standard recipes of the machine:

- 300g whole grain flour
- 300g white flour
- 1/2 tablespoon sugar
- 1/2 tablespoon salt
- 1/2 teaspoon dry yeast
- 380 ml water

Initially I dissolve sugar, salt and yeast in warm water and select program 3 (for whole grain bread).

Any suggestion of how to improve the result?

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a decent whole grain bread out of bread machine,  Here was 100% whole wheat with part SD and part instant yeast but just reading her post should help you a lot


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That looks helpful

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Do the Kenwood directions recommend dissolving the sugar salt and yeast in the water before adding to the machine?

There is a lot of variability in bread machines and the instructions that go with each one.  However, most of the ones I've seen recommend using instant yeast that is added with the dry ingredients (including the salt).  Using an instant yeast usually eliminates the need for proofing (thus saving time, which is what bread machines are all about).  

By adding yeast to warm water and sugar, you awaken it from its dormant state and give it a little boost to get going, but the salt in the same water would tend to have an inhibitory effect.  So I'm wondering if you add the yeast and salt with the dry ingredients you might get better results? 

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The Kenwood instructions aren't clear...I'm doing some tests and it seems that adding the yeast with the dry ingredients is producing better results (one complication is that I'm using some local yeast which does not specify if it's active dry or instant)