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whole rye flour smell?

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whole rye flour smell?


i'm a newbie to rye.

the whole rye flour i just bought has an earthy / wet soil / dust smell.

the first loaf i baked with it (10% WW, 20% rye 70% white flour) also has a hint of the same smell.

i don't remember noticing this smell in store bought rye bread.

is this typical? is it whole rye very minerally? or do i just have moldy flour?

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Mini Oven

to you, don't use it.  If it has an after taste when tasting the flour, again, don't use it.  Return for a refund.  

I've got my nose in my bag of fine rye flour and it smells like.... flour.  Would have to taste it to tell, even then, tastes pretty much like wheat just a light nutty note. 

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thanks mini oven.
just to clarify - the bag you tested - it's whole rye as well, not white rye, correct?

i went out and got a new bag today, different mineral/earthy smell this time.
hope i'm not ignorantly mistaking fresher/mienrally flour for moldy.

i'll repeat the same recipe as before and see what difference it makes in the end loaf.