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Nut Grinder?

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Nut Grinder?


Just thought I would ask about this because I am sure someone will have the knowledge...

I want to make nut butters (almonds, brazil nuts, hazel nut, macadamia, cashew, pecan and wallnut), especially Tahini out of unhulled sesame seeds.

When I google' searched, it came up with this:

It is pure black granite. 2 Wheels of it sitting on a granite plate.

From what I seen on youtube, they do a fine job.

However it does a fine job of nuts.

I am really wanting something that can do nuts but also Tahini from unhulled sesame seeds. That to me is a big one I want to be able to do.

Also, I need something that can grind sesame and flaxseed (Linseed) so that I can eat it fresh and acquire the nutrients without swallowing whole seeds.

Is there a grinder thing that makes butter + grinds sesame/flaxseed (dry for cereal)?

Do I need a machine for the butter, and then a separate grinder for sesame/flaxseeds?

Which machine can make Tahini but also regular ground sesame seed for daily use with cereal?

Best option: To do all the above, make butters from nuts, grind sesame/flaxseed dry and also be able to make tahini.

So how many machines do I need to do all this?

Any help on this?

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It says the Spectra can do all those things you asked. But it runs on 240V and the price is really steep. Bet you could find a food processor or high quality blender such as the Vitamix or Blendtec that would be capable of performing all the operations you need for a fraction of the cost. I've made nut butters in my Braun and even my cheapo Oster but have not yet attempted tahini; if I get the time I'll give it a go and report back.

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Hi -G-man and welcome.

I don't know if you have a CuisineArt or similar processor, but I have made decent nut butters from mine. Takes a little time for creamy, but it gets there.

I also have the low cost option of a mill (WonderMillJr) that comes with steel (stainless) as well as stones and the claim is the steels are good for nut butters. Never have tried it tho, but someone else might have.

The WonderMillJr is inexpensive and for me a good 'starter' mill as it is manual and can be hooked up to a 1/2 inch drive drill tool for more ease of grinding.

The more commited I am becoming to grinding my own, I'm sure I'll soon upgrade to an easier to operate mill and reserve the WonderMillJr for the all too frequent power outages.

For what it's worth.


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Mini Oven

small enough to first powder the nuts,  then with continued heat and friction, turn the nut powder (or finely hacked nuts/seed) into a nut butter.   A small hand held machine gives one the ability to shake and knock the nut powder back into the center of the machine so it can be hacked again and again as it climbs the sides of the chamber eventually turning into a liquid.  Even the smallest of machines requires a minimal amount to keep chopping; sometimes stopping when the blades are chopping only air to add more seeds to keep the processing butter in a "loop."

I usually do peanuts or hazel nuts.  I fill the chamber full and grind using pulsing action shaking larger nut pieces into the center until liquid forms pulling the rest of the nut crumbs into the moving nut butter.   When it is about half liquidized, continuous grinding can take place.  I use a coffee grinder or a "Magic Bullet" type mini chopper  (240V) with the smallest domed lid/container.  I haven't tried roasted sesame seeds.  ...yet    :)

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Look into the Vita Mix machine it's supposed to do that sort of thing plus a lot of others. Haven't got one but have seen a demonstration and it is impressive although expensive.