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Brioche four ways: from natural levain to 1-min microwave

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Brioche four ways: from natural levain to 1-min microwave

I don’t make white bread; I've made something worst: brioche made with all-purpose flour and butter. “Everything tastes better with butter.” There is no shame in that, for some occasional guilty pleasure.

The best part of making brioche is in the making. I’ve made four versions of brioche over the last few months:


• Tartine brioche with natural leaven 


• Tartine brioche with olive oil


• Nancy Silverton’s twice-baked brioche, a.k.a. bostock


• My own version of bostock (twice-baked brioche) with microwave brioche



For taste, you have to give it to the brioche made with natural levain. For fun, you have to like the 1-minute microwave version. The joy of discovery is like no other.

I like posting here on Freshloaf. You can sense the passion and enthusiasm of the Freshloaf bakers who generously share their experiences and tips on their bakes. I make bread for more reasons than putting it on the table. Breaking bread with others is just as compelling!




 Welcome your comments, suggestions or a fifth way to make brioche!


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Beautiful baking!  Love your photography too.

Thanks for sharing.  I have not made Brioche yet but it's on my to do list soon.



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They're all beautiful! Yes, the photographs are really lovely. First time to hear a microwave brioche too!