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100% Whole Wheat Baguettes

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Rajan Shankara

100% Whole Wheat Baguettes

Aloha Bakers, just wanted to share my recent baguette work. Thanks to TFLer Gordon for getting me out of my over fermenting slump i was in, I can now focus more on shaping better than gluten work. 

This made 12, 24" sticks, kind of fat. 


2500g bobs red mill whole wheat flour

500g stiffer-than-poolish poolish

60g salt

enough water to get all flour wet and mixed

two hour autolyse, mix, bulk ferm 2 hours: two folds, pre-shape 30 min, final shape and proof just enough till oven is at 500F and I baked for about 40 min, dropping temp down every ten minutes some. I ended at 425F


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an open crumb with  100% WW baguette.  Well done and happy baking