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We 3 gmas

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We 3 gmas

Are now two. The world has lost a great amateur baker, and an even greater big sister. Our sister Barbra died today... we will continue to bake with her forever. I am thinking I have to master her Tartine loaf... I am really going to try. I know many of you know my sister through this site... She was such a fan, and she contributed so much! The work of her hands and her heart were a blessing to many. She will be missed.

Diane and Helen, proud to be her sisters!


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baking family,,....,I am just heartbroken.  May Barbra rest in peace and may we strive to remember her always.  My deepest sympathies to you, your sister and your extended families.  

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Thank you... I know Barb would enjoy knowing our "twisted brother" thought of her today... Bake ON!


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I'm sure she is in a good place looking down on her sisters with approval, and we will all continue to enjoy your past and future baking endeavors.

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and a spectacular example of sisterly love. Your baking adventures are legendary here, and I'm sure they will continue to be so. Barbra's contributions will be missed sorely. Please know that you all are in our thoughts.


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Apple Betty

Diane , Helen and family you are all in my thoughts and prayers.  Barbra will be with us forever.  You will always be the 3gmas as Barbra's spirit will continue on through your baking.  I look forward to enjoying your future bakes.  Sending lots of love and hugs your way. 

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Please accept my sympathy while you grieve for Barbra.  


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So sorry to hear of your loss. 

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Mini Oven

My prayers and condolences to you and your family.  Barbra will be missed.


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Thank you all for your thoughts and your kind words, we're missing Barby and we will continue to bake in her honor. We still have a lot to learn, and this site is the best place, we feel like we've made some great friends here; this is our "baking family" so we will be learning from you all as usual!  :-)

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I am so so sorry.  A loss for all of us.

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May she rest in peace.

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My condolences, Diane & Helen, and also my prayers coming your way.  Sorry for your loss.

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Sisterly love is really special. Though we don't know each other, I've enjoyed reading your blog posts for the last year. It's so great the way you three have connected and spent baking days "together" tho' you're miles apart. May your sister's memory be a blessing. I'm sure she'll be cheering you on as you learn to conquer that Tartine loaf. 


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I saw that you had posted, and was very happy, as either ya'll had not been posting or I had missed them.  You've been a regular reading pleasure for me on the forum.

I do wish your post could have been another about the three sisters' masterpieces, and I guess you do, too.  I have no doubt you will continue to talk to her and even expect answers on every baking day.  My mother passed nearly five years ago after I had been her primary caregiver for several years.  I still stop to say something to her every now and again, and it's like she never went away.  I'm sure Barbra will stay with you.


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So sorry for your loss.  I know the bond the three of you had will never be broken.  It has been such a pleasure to read about your baking and you can always feel the love you had for each other in each post. 


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Trying to get things right... I think I need to watch Chad's videos a LOT!!! 

Lucy was in the kitchen!!! It is definitely a "dipping bread"
We are keeping at it, Helen and I will Bake ON and keep looking for the guidance of our Fresh Loafian Family.

Thanks, Diane and Helen

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Dear Diane and Helen,  My heartfelt sympathy to you both as you grieve the loss of your dear sister, Barbara.  Barbara was a marvelous lady with great kindness, warmth, and humor.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  Liz