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NY style Crumb Cake

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NY style Crumb Cake

I knew that I wasn't going to have much time to cook breakfast yesterday morning, so thinking ahead, and wanting to make a crumb cake for some time, that was my solution.

This is the recipe I used:

This is the way it came out.

I don't often make cakes because, well, we don't need the additional calories. But once in awhile it simply must be done. It was definitely worth doing. I didn't follow the recipe exactly though. I just dumped everything into the whisk bowl of the Ankarsrum with the multi wire whisks and let them have at it at full speed a bit longer than I might have ordinarily to aerate it a bit. Too, I didn't have cake flour, so I used a 00 pizza flour that is IMO too low in protein to make pizza dough that I like. It all worked. Oh, I also didn't use the optional blueberry jam.

The short story is that it was/is the best crumb cake that I've had in years.

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Looks as though there's enough leftover for us, too! Will 7 AM be too early?



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:-) It was (note the tense) delicious.

There certainly would have been plenty and you would have gotten our thanks for helping consume some of those calories that we really didn't need. I don't make many cakes for that reason.

Try making it yourself. It's not difficult at all. Then I can see the picture of your crumb cake.

A little more salesmanship... Our neighbor had never had crumb cake before. I'm in Maine (if you couldn't tell from my username) and it's a NY thing. She rolled her eyes when she said it was soooo good. We gave them 1/3 of it.