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Big baking day

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Big baking day

Struan, banana bread, crumbbum's miche.

I got much closer on the timing with the miche. Real nice oven spring and pretty nice crumb.


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Not to say the struan doesn't, but after reading of the various troubles producing this miche it looks like you did a great job. How does it taste?


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The miche is awesome :)

We had it with dinner last night. The crust is too much for our kids, but for us that is the best part! 

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 That miche looks amazing. The crust is just fantastic.


Paddyscake's picture

Very impressive!! nice crust and crumb

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It is big. Takes close to an hour to bake through. But I love it.

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crumb bum

Hey Floydm and Dstroy

Your breads are awesome.  Looks like you have that miche down pat.  Great crumb and e crust is to die for.  My wife does not like it so dark but to me it's the only way.  Every bite gives you new tastes and textures.  From the caremely/malty top creamy middle and the dark crunchy cornmealy bottom.  The perfect loaf.  I am going to give straun a try as well.

Da Crumb Bum

Floydm's picture

Yeah, I like it dark too.

I also love that this is a loaf that holds up for almost an entire week. I baked it Sunday and finished it off this morning, and it was still pretty fresh. I think it was at its best on day three or four.

Thank you again for showing this one to us. It is definitely a hit.