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How does timing matter (re: portioning and refridgeration)

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How does timing matter (re: portioning and refridgeration)

When making my dough, so far what I've been doing is letting it rise at a warm temperature (somewhere between 30-60 minutes) then transferring the whole batch into the fridge for 24-36h (without really doing much to it other than punching it down/folding it and transferring container).  Once it's in the fridge I deflate/fold it once or twice if it rises up a lot -- it's usually in a ziplock bag for this time and i just basically press it down to deflate if the bag looks like it's going to pop.  After the 24-36h in fridge I portion/ball it and either use it for dinner or freeze it for another day.

Obviously I'm new at this. When I read step-by-step instructions or watch videos, it seems like portioning it into balls and developing surface tension is important to do before the second rise.

The dough is turning out fairly well, but don't have much to compare it to. Does anyone have a comment on how much this matters and what differences I might notice if I handle it differently



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... then keep on doing it!

Bread is so versatile - there is no "one way" to do it right. If you're happy then stick with it.

If you want a comparison, then try a bog-standard mix. knead, one hour rise, then degas (knock-back), shape, prove (another hour or so) then bake. (assuming dried yeast)


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Mini Oven

back up to where you can see the whole reply.  then copy it.  use the preview option and then save.  See if that works.

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Silly computer!!

I was saying... I went into this with no planning and no knowledge, now I'm totally addicted. As I read and learn about dough making I'm realizing there is so much science behind it (I'm a science nerd of sorts...). So I'm trying to figure out which processes are the "key" or "most important" ones...

bottom line being I'm happy with the results so far (except I'm personally getting a bit doughy)   ;-)

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As an an aside, today I'm picking up my new stand mixture and going to see what happens when I try 00 flour