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online or mail-order source for white wheat berries?

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online or mail-order source for white wheat berries?

Can someone recommend a place to mail-order these?  Or know of a location in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that carries them?

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KipperCat, I posted this address some time ago - just checked and they have soft white wheat berries. Not sure if that is what you are looking for, A They are located in Winthrop, WA

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Dee Dee

Check with your local co-op.  You should be able to buy organic white or red hard wheat berries in 50-pound sacks; also rye, 7-grain cereal, etc.

Also, try the bulk department at your local health food store.

You can also purchase whole berries on-line at:

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Thanks bergadine. I was a bit surprised to only see non-specific "wheat berries" available in the bulk section - but they might well order it if asked.  I'll also call the local co-op about ordering it in.  They only have red wheat on their price list.

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Thanks Annie.  I do want some soft wheat, though primarily hard wheat.  DH just doesn't like the slight bitterness of whole red wheat.

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We carry organic hard and soft white wheats at


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Bluebird also carries Emmer, otherwise known as faro, which is somewhat hard to come by.

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This site - Native Foods eBay store - is good source for white wheat and other whole grains. Their shipping costs are the lowest I've been able to find. Several months ago I ordered 12 pounds of Montana Hard White Wheat from them; packing was good and shipping was very fast. I recommend them.

I live in the US but far from our major wheat growing regions. I've checked out most of the other online sources for whole grain that have been recommended by TFL members. While the cost per pound was reasonable, the shipping cost usually doubled and often tripled my total purchase price.

I cannot find certain grains (such as white wheat) at a local coop or natural foods store. Native Foods eBay store is the most cost-effective mail order source I've been able to find. The seller recommends purchasing 12 pounds of grain to minimize the shipping costs. If you want to inquire further, the site link I gave includes a contact email for the seller. He was quite responsive to my inquiries.
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Thanks! it looks like a great grain store - certainly everything I think I  might need.

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After searching and searching... and finding this thread in the process... I found the site you, I, and many other people want. I could not find the shipping price since I am not ready to commit, but they have it available in 5 and 50 lbs bags and 45 lbs buckets. ready?



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General Store Guy

Sycamore Tree General Store has wheat berries from Wheat Montana including Prairie Gold (hard white spring), Bronze Chief (hard red spring), Soft White, Hard Red, & Spelt.  We have 50# bags available for pickup, or 45# buckets for pickup or shipping.  Other baking items too and more to come.

We are a local homesteading family and had a hard time finding good quality ingredients for our baking venues and general use so we started our own store.  Check out Sycamore Tree General Store at

Sorry no store front yet but you can pick up orders to save on shipping.


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Strikes Family Orchard, near W. Alexandria, also carries Prairie Gold, Bronze Cheif, Spelt etc. They also will order other types of grain such as Rye berries. here is a link I've noticed a lot of Amish stores carry bulk grain as well

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The Native Foods Ebay Store looks like it is no longer active and he has 2 of the latest  comments that say he took their money but didn't ship. I don't think I'd order from them.

The other link  (aawpa) is dead.

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Sean McFarlane

Check your local Whole Foods maket bulk foods section...they have GREAT selection!!