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Fourneau Bread Over

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Fourneau Bread Over

I met the owner/designer of this kickstart project last week at the Housewares Show in Chicago.  It was pretty cool to see some of the new things coming our way.  This bread oven is cast iron and would replace the need for a dutch oven or clay oven when you are baking breads.  It has a little door with a handle and a peel so (in theory) you'd have less need to handle a big hot pot when you are baking.  Seemed like a cool idea.  I've got no vested interest in this business other than I think it's a pretty cool thing to do a start up and I've sponsored them on kickstarter.  Thought some of you may be interested in seeing what is possibly up and coming.

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and the product seems wonderful but it's not tall enough.  Height is 4.25".  Just pulled out a loaf that's taller than that. Too bad.

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would be nice for sure- bet they do a bigger one pretty soon.  Great idea though.  The Chinese will be flooding the US and European markets with them before you know it no doubt so speed to manufacturing should be first on their list..

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$195 - and that's below the retail price. Cheaper to get a steel baking stone and bucket of water..

However good idea, but yes, to echo the comments of danbrownman, there will be chinese copies on the market before the kickstarter ends...


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I wish I could get a loaf to get higher than 4.25 inches!  Darn that whole wheat. I think their idea was that you can get the same effect of a cast iron pot method but be able to shape the breads into loaves instead of rounds.  And yes, I thought she told me that the retail would be $175, so I was also surprised by the levels on the kickstarter.  Still expensive. 

Me, the bucket of water, and my oven have never had good luck, and I have little kids that like to run into the kitchen anytime I open the 500 degree oven, so I'm hoping this thing works in the end.  And honestly, I'm one of those people that will pay more for a US made item over a cheap Chinese imitation most days.  At any rate, they are at 70% funding now, so it seems pretty likely it will go forward.  I'll let you know if/when I get to try it out for myself.

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i just watched their kickstarter video and as nice as the product looks I am not sure of its utility.  Aside from not having to spend 10 seconds removing a Dutch or clay cooker from your oven, what is the advantage here?  Also ridiculously priced.

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If your kitchen is like mine and only has a single oven the Fourneau bread oven would have to be removed when the oven is used for other uses.  Buried on the website are the weight specifications:  the Fourneau weighs approximately 30lbs total. The hatch weighs about 4.5 lbs., the base weights 11.5 lbs., and the cover weighs about 14 lbs.  So I pull these three pieces out and then where do they go?  There's not enough counter top space and I don't have much under the counter space either.  We don't know what the retail price will be but it's certainly more expensive than either a baking steel/stone coupled with the steam method of your choice (disposable aluminum roasting pans which offer the same clearance are pretty cheap these days.

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it s just small but you can made awesome bread .easy to use.improve your cooking skills for sure .

500grs of dough at each time .you can play as a real boulanger result.

happy baking .