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Danish Rugbrod / Danish Rye bread with Pumpkin seeds

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Danish Rugbrod / Danish Rye bread with Pumpkin seeds


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I can not believe this bread!!

It is so good!

Just like the gorgeous dark rye grain breads you can buy at markets:)

So greedily wrapped with this one.

You are soooooooo Going to love it!

The first one was a fail fail fail!!

Well, it SHOWED promise, it was uncooked but I could see how good it would be .


Remember this one is another soaker overnight but worth it and this bread will keep up to a week…Plus an overnight sour mix.

But you will have eaten it way way by that time.

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Do first in the morning :Sour mix:

50g of rye flour.

pinch od salt.

pinch of yeast.

50 g of bread flour.

50g of yoghurt.

Warm water to mix to a paste.

Mix flours , salt and yeast together, add in enough warm water for a runny smooth paste.

Add in yoghurt and cover, leaving to brew for 8-12 hours.

When you make the soaked grains below, add 25 g of rye and 25 g of wheat flour and more warm water to your bubbly sour brew.

Mix to a smooth paste and cover, allowing to stand overnight with the grains.

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Do in the afternoon :Grains to soak overnight.

1 & 1/2 cups of mixed sunflower seeds, rye flakes, kibbled rye, wheat flakes .

You could use a mix of grains you like but make sure it has the rye grains in it for that flavour.


Place salt & grains in a bowl.

Cover with enough hot water to cover grains and then cover with wrap and leave overnight.

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Dough for Bread:

1 & 1/2 cups of bread flour.

1 cup of rye flour.

15g of treacle.

20g of Olive oil.

20g of dutch cocoa or a rich dark cocoa (not a sweet milk chocolate cocoa).

Sour mix from above.

Soaked grains from above.

150g warm water (mix treacle into this).

2 grated carrots.

1 tsp yeast.

Pumpkin seeds (or sesame seeds) for top of bread.

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Grease a bread tin well.

Put all dough ingredients into a bowl and combine well.

Mix on slow speed for about 10 minutes.

This is not a dry bready dough that you can really play with.

Its sort of like a large heavy cake mix, almost batter like.

Spoon into bread tin and then sprinkle seeds on top.

Leave for 2 -3 hours to rise.

It will not rise a lot, this is a rye bread.

30 minutes before it is ready, heat the oven to 250 C.

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If you can steam in your oven, that would be good.

If not, ten minutes before placing bread in the oven, place a small tray at the bottom of your oven.

You need ice cubes to toss in here as soon as you place the bread in the oven.

Put bread in the oven, toss in the cubes and shut the oven.

Turn it down to 180 C and leave to bake for 60-75 minutes, depending on your oven.

Remove from oven and leave to cool for a while then turn out on a wire rack.


Else the texture will be googy and unset.

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I am telling you, when you slice it and see how fabulous and moist it is., you will just love it!

It is moist like proper pumpernickel.

Just gorgeous.


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Danish rye bread recipe earlier this week.- and you provided one,.  This is one of our favorite breads especially f it is baked pumpernickel style.   If you put a bit ore dough in he pan and spatula up the middle higher with the sides lower on the top before baking, ala Mini Oven , that dip in the center will disappear.  Well done and

Happy baking 

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for that....I will try what you suggested.

I did think the dip it was because it was uncooked (as with the first attempt which had a big dip!! but i knew as soon as i looked at it what it was..) but no, all cooked and yummy so will definitely give that a go...nice recipe though...We just don't get the range of flours here that you do unless its commercial so i was wrapped with this...

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Mini Oven

Love that rye!   

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me too!!