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Forkish-ish 50% Whole Grain w/Biga

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Forkish-ish 50% Whole Grain w/Biga

I based this loaf on Ken Forkish's 50% whole wheat bread with biga. Instead of 50% whole wheat I made this 40% whole wheat and 10% rye. The hydration is 80%. 

I am very pleased with the result. A nice open crumb and light texture considering the high percentage of whole grain flours. I also love the deep color of the crust, which is shatteringly crisp. 


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looking loaf and also I bet, delicious.


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Nice idea to add the 10% rye, I will have to try that!

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We prefer the taste of multi-whole grain breads to s single variety. Just a bit more complex I suppose.  Well done and happy bbaking.