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Beauty is in the eye of the baker

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Beauty is in the eye of the baker

A beautiful pizza I made this weekend:


Well, perhaps not beautiful, but tasty.

This was something along the lines of LilDice's ciabatta pizza.

Where did summer go? Man, it blew by.

My apologies for being nearly absent on the site this summer. I read and responded to little questions almost every day, and I baked quite a bit this summer. But for the most part I stuck with my tried and true recipes, only adding 1 or 2 new ones to my regular repertoire, and did very few high quality posts on the site. I find that now that I have two kids who rarely take naps I have a lot less free time that I did when I started this site (with only 1 child who napped a lot and went to bed early). My new job hasn't left me much free time either: I have a longer commute and, given that my salary is paid by charitable contributions I don't feel like it is right to spend time on the clock working on my personal site. So I don't. So my Fresh Loaf time has been reduced considerably.

My best to all observing holy days the next few weeks.


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Floyd, please don't apologize! You have put so much into this site and we so appreciate what a special thing you have created here. You are awesome and you are allowed to have a life!

Thank you


PS The pizza looks incredibly tasty!

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I agree with everything Susan just said.  Although you are missed we know you're very busy.  We forgive you.  :o)  For now.  (hehe)


I can't seem to find a thing wrong with your pizza either.  I would stuff the whole thing into my face right now if it was sitting in front of me - that's how good it looks.

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You planted the seed that has become The Fresh Loaf and it has grown and blossomed into a large and wonderfully divergent tree. There are regular posters that each have their areas of expertise much like branches. People like me are the twigs and leaves that complete the tree.


No one here is sorry for what the site was or is. Most if not all find bliss here and connect with something special or re-connect with something lost and suddenly dear to them again. Don't be sorry for planting the seed...I for one am indebted to the tree!


</metaphorical soap box>

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Floyd, you put a lot of time and effort into getting the Fresh Loaf up and running.  It is one of the best designed forums I've seen online.  Thank you for everything you've done here.  Please enjoy those kids while you have them.  They grow up so fast.