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Dutch Oven

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Dutch Oven

So I found the bottom of a DO at the local antique shop ... $25.

I decided to use it immediately, so I made some dough. It's my usual, modified BBA SD recipe, this time to 82% hydration.

Preferment: 13 oz a 100% hydration (it may have been a bit more or less, my scale hiccuped)



KAF BF: 4.25 oz

KAF White WW: 5 oz

KAF AP: 5 oz

Rye: 2 oz

Sprouted Wheat Flour: 3 oz

Corn meal: 1 oz

Water: 17.45 oz

Salt: 0.55 oz

I kneaded with my Kitchen Aid for a total of 20 minutes. Bulk ferment at RT for 2 hours, then 24 hours in the fridge. I split the dough in half and nitial shaped and returned to fridge for several hours. Final shaped and then into the fridge overnight, then proofed in a warm room for about an hour then into the DO with some parchment.

Preheated the DO saturday morning (24 Jan), and 10" skillet to 500dF, scored and loaded the bread into the skillet, and placed the DO on top.

I may have underproofed as the spring/blossom was pretty radical. But, with that said, I like it.

I had a piece, the crumb is moist and tender. It's also very tasty. I only regret not cooking the entire batch of dough in the DO! Next time!