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German Sourdough Rye from Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book

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German Sourdough Rye from Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book

I got a new digital camera, inspired by all the wonderful pictures on this web site.  But then I had to wait for photogenic bread.  Then I had to wait for an AC power supply after the wimpy alkaline batteries died.

German Sourdough Rye from Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book 

The bread is very dense - 6 cups rye flour and 3 cups whole wheat.  Inexplicably, it also calls for a mere 1/2 teaspoon caraway seeds.  I put in about a tablespoon, but I could have added more.

Also, with all that flour, it only makes two loaves.  But I like to make mini-loaves because I'm a single person.  So I made six mini-loaves, but each one of those was still 12 ounces.  I probably should have added some vital gluten.

It is, however, very good.

I was very excited with how well my sourdough starter was doing.  I've had bad luck with it, and thought I would finally have a success.  I was disappointed when the final dough called for yeast.  But that's a lot of rye for a sourdough to handle.  So I'll have to look for a sourdough-rising success next time.



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Rosalie, how wonderful that we can finally see some of your bread. It looks great! A nice substan tial rye would really hit the spot with me right about now.


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Pretty picture, I love the arrangement.  Very nice results for what must have been dough with a mind of its own---all that rye and then whole wheat to boot. I second Susan, great we  finally get to see what's up.

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 Have you tried  the Sour Corn Rye - Very tasty - and freezes well - I make it in small loaf pans - use 9oz. of dough for each. Alittle bit ingredient intensive - BUT worth it.


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It's no more ingredient intensive than the other recipes.  I'll try that soon.  Love rye, but I think I've peaked on it for a bit.  I have to try something else.  I have a lot of grains to play with.

I'm looking at the book, and I just love how each recipe is on a separate page.  I hate having to flip a page back and forth with doughy hands.