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Pita chips with Sesame seeds??

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Pita chips with Sesame seeds??

Hi All,We recently took a trip out of town and went to an HEB.  We bought some pita chips that were amazing!!!!  After reading the ingredients I figured I could try and recreate them at home but was looking for some input.  The pita chips basically had flour, oil, sugar, flax and sesame seeds.  I make pitas a lot.  The basic recipe I use makes 6ish and is as follows

1/4 c starter

1 c water

1 c whole wheat flour

let rise overnight


1/2T salt

1/2 T olive oil

and about 1 more c white flour

I am thinking this recipe would work for the pita chips as well, just cut them in half, then in pieces and cook after they are done.  My question is how much sesame seed would you add and when?  Would you put it in the first rise and let them soak all night?  Or would you add them with the salt, oil and rest of the flour.  I don't use sesame seed very often and I know it is a strong flavor.  2T would be a little over 12% of the flour and 1/4c would be 25%, by volume not weight.  I keep meaning to turn this recipe into a weight recipe but it is so easy I never have.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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I'd add them with the second lot, and as you're baking them into the pita, try toasting them first; you'll get a lovely flavour that way.

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Most sesame chips recipes call for adding them to the outside. About 1 tbsp for 2 pitas is a good proportion to start with.  

Incorporate them when mixing the final dough, or sprinkle on the surface when you're rolling out your rounds. 

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PaddyL that is a great idea about toasting them!  It does bring out the flavor!  I will definitely do that!

Cranbo I hadn't thought of rolling them in the surface.  That is a good suggestion as well.

I also was thinking after I posted that I could add some sesame oil in place of some of the olive oil!  Will report back after I try them!  :)