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First pizza's from the bible.

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First pizza's from the bible.

Dough was from pg.22, sauce was New York-New Jersey on pg.28, finished with garlic oil from pg.29, cheese was fresh mozzarella (grated, easier said than done) I made 3 pizzas. The first two in 500 degree oven using pizza stones placed at specified oven locations. I used top stone first then moved to bottom stone. Allowed about 10 min recovery time before loading another pizza. For fun I did my third pizza with the broiler. Once the oven recovered I turned off the oven and broiler to high. Gave it about 5 min then loaded the pizza on top stone. Did some quick clean-up then checked the pizza and it was starting to burn. Moved it to the lower stone to brown the bottom. Even with the burnt parts it still tasted great.


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Looks great! Nope, won' t need a plate, thanks. Now, where are my red pepper flakes...?

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is its own food group and this pie is one foie example!  Well done and happy baking in 2015