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Pectin in GF baking?

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Pectin in GF baking?

Does anyone here use pectin in their GF baking, especially breads? I can't find a whole lot of info about it except that some people like it. My main interest is in giving structure to doughs and moisture to the final product.


For binders, I've used psylium, flax meal, and WPI, but if pectin will add something positive I am interested in trying it. But apparently there are several types of pectin on the market and I don't know which one would be best for baking.

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Pectin is just another way to add some structure to the loaf. It acts like a starchy gel and helps trap the gas bubbles ,hold them and add moisture to the crumb. I've used psyllium in my limited GF baking but in smaller amounts than most recipes. Too much psyllium made the crumb much too moist.

Now you want to ask me how much and I will have to dig into my recipes to see. I don't think my GF recipes made it into my digital storage,yet.  I'll look around for that info.


Red Star Yeast (an American yeast maker) had some excellent bread recipes


What is WPI?

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WPI is whey protein isolate. I used to add it to my baked goods before I went GF, for extra protein, so when i went GF I started experimenting with it as a gluten replacer.

I am not a fan of GFOAS. I don't think most of her recipes are tested and imo her bread book is especially terrible.

I understand that pectin is another way to add structure, but some bakers also say that it adds moisture and retards staling, which is a big boon in GF breads.