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More desire than time

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More desire than time

Right now I certainly have the will to bake, and some interesting new books to bake from, but am so busy with work and travel that I'm not finding time to bake much at all right now.  Above is the one sourdough boule I made last week. It did come out pretty nice, I gotta admit.

This weekend's travel took me past Bread Farm in Bow, Washington, which is always worth a short detour to visit.


I finished reading In Search of the Perfect Loaf on a ferry ride.  Highly, highly recommended.  I think anyone who enjoys visiting this site regularly will enjoy reading it and recognize quite a bit of their own ambitions in Sam Fromartz's story.  Read it!

Since I'd finished my book on the return ferry ride I just had to admire the scenery.  


Such is life in the Pacific Northwest.


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I'm a So Cal girl for a while now, but your view makes me homesick for the PNW. Gorgeous.


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Postal Grunt

I finished reading Mr Fromartz's book a couple of weeks ago and totally agree with your observations. It was a lot of fun to read.

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I'm just getting into Sam's book and am enjoying it a lot. I picked up a copy at the Reed College Bookstore last month.


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Yes, I saw in Reed magazine that Sam is a Reedie too. Neat!