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Tartine Sourdough with Walnuts, Walnut Oil and Fresh Sage Test

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Tartine Sourdough with Walnuts, Walnut Oil and Fresh Sage Test

I am testing this to see if this image looks better than my earlier blog.  ElPanadero mentioned that my photos are faded and yellow (I have been resizing them, as I have struggled to post multiple photos), so I just want to see if this photo looks better than the one I posted on my earlier blog, which has the recipe and other photos.  Phyllis


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Much larger and greater detail, I think this one's a winner! I couldn't notice the sage leaves in the original post.

This bread is to be envied (and enjoyed)! Beautiful, Phyllis.


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We really did enjoy this bread.  I did notice that you can see the sage better in this photo, so I will work on my photo-posting!  Thanks for your kind comments.  Best,  Phyllis

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That looks much better. Great colours and resolution. So, whatever you were doing to try and resize your pics was making them faded and yellow.

Here's what I do with mine, really easy if you have a PC/Lappy with Windows:

1. Bring up MS Paint which is native to Windows and is found in Start-Programs-Accessories

2. At top left click the blue drop down and select Open and browse to where your photos are and open a pic

3. Immediately you will likely see that your picture looks massive (but this depends on the resolution the picture was taken at). No worries

4. Now click Resize (just to the left of the main Paint tools icons)

5. In the popup window change the Horizontal value to less than 100%. Try 50% for example. You will get to know what reduction works best for your pictures.

6. If you go too far, just hit CTRL-Z to undo and try again.

7. Now again from the top left blue drop down select Save and save your newly reduced picture.

Job done

No fancy software needed, Windows already has what you need with MS Paint.

If you have Apple kit then I'm sorry I can't help you but doubtless someone else will :-)