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I don't think.

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I don't think.

I just broke an old glass stand mixer bowl because I don't think. The bowl had very deep rings so it wouldn't "walk" off the mixer base. But that same ring is just the right size to not sit on my scale. It waited until I measured out a pound of flour before it decided to slide off the scale and the counter and shatter on the floor..

Glass everywhere, flour everywhere- but it doesn't stop there. Rather than deal with broken glass, I pull the shop vac into the kitchen and suck up the glass and flour. I turn around to turn off the vacuum and realize the hallway and corner of the kitchen is now white. Much of the flour blew right through the vacuum's filter element and is now coating the hall carpet, cabinet sides and a good portion of the kitchen.

So rather than try out a new recipe, I spent the afternoon cleaning up, -and looking online for a replacement bowl for my mixer. Of course, no one carries a replacement bowl for my mixer; so I'm going to have to buy an old bowl on Ebay for a different mixer and hope it fits.

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Oh, my gosh, I feel for you! The first part was awful enough, but then to realize the extent of the second... May have been reason enough to go back to bed and begin the day anew.

Had a similar experience many years ago with a sweet, eggy yeast batter (memory has faded, thank goodness), also in a large glass bowl, that somehow launched itself from the counter. I tried in vain to catch it, without success. That gloppy stuff erupted and flew everywhere - floor, walls, cabinets, appliances, ceiling, would have been on the kids, except it was nap time. I washed, and washed, and cried and swore, and to memory, never attempted the recipe again.

Best of luck finding a replacement bowl. I imagine you're already devising a more reliable way to use your scale.


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I suddenly appreciate those mixers with stainless steel bowls - what's the worse that can happen - a dent?

I never found a fault with my little round Escali scale, until yesterday. But you have to work with what you've got.

Perhaps someone else will be forewarned.

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I feel your pain