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Happy Thanksgiving (.ca)

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Happy Thanksgiving (.ca)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all the Canadians here!

We are having some friends over who've never had a turkey dinner and putting on the whole production with stuffing, sweet potatoes, and cranberries tomorrow.  I'd like to also bake rolls using Peter Reinhart's Wild Rice & Onion dough, which is still one of my all time favourites. 

* * * 

At the top is a straight French bread I made last weekend to go with a pot of soup.  Nothing fancy, but sooo good with the right kind of meal.

* * *

Which reminds me, I recently received a copy of United States of Bread, a new release.  It is such a new release that it has a single (one star) review on Amazon. That is too harsh, In my mind.  

I'll agree that the subtitle and description are a bit ambitious for what is essentially a little book of traditional North American bread recipes, things like Anadama bread, Amish dill bread, potato bread, and buttermilk bread. A lot of recipes in it I am familiar with from versions of them in one of Bernard Clayton's books. But I like that it has variety but not too many recipes and could imagine giving a copy to somone just getting into baking those sorts of breads.


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We celebrated early with my husband's family yesterday, and the sweet potato rolls which have become a standard request at TG and Xmas were a big hit once again.  Thanks!

Nice of you to open your home and share traditions - Have a good one!

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to all the Canadian bakers on TFL.  You have some great flour to bake with up there!  Wild rice and onion sound awful good for a nice Holiday roll too.