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some tasty success

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some tasty success

Yesterday I was really pleased that I had two successes.  I made the Yogurt Bread from Laurel's Kitchen and Good Earth Rolls that I got from off of some website I came across.  I used hard, red spring wheat and maple syrup for both.  I also added 1/2 cup mashed potatoes to the rolls and sprinkled with poppy seeds.  The rolls are soft, light, and velvety.  My family really enjoyed them with an Italian soup that I made.  The Yogurt Bread came out ideal.  Smells great, has light, soft texture, great for sandwiches.  I had good oven spring on both.  I still used milk for half of the water in the recipe and I didn't cook it first.  I never do and I don't have any problems with this and I am using raw milk at that.  I think I added a tbsp. of raw, apple cider vinegar to the milk, but I can't remember.  I was up late getting the sponges and autolyzes together and I was really tired.  Anyways, I am getting better.  My family is pleased. 





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Keep it up, it only gets better and better!!!